What I Know Now… @Officeworks #timetowrite

26 Sep What I Know Now… @Officeworks #timetowrite

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Since I got involved in the Officeworks initiative Time to Write, I have had the opportunity to reconnect with the art of handwriting and firsthand experience the amazing benefits gained by putting pen to paper for 20 minutes each day.


I have learned to be more patient.


I have switched my mind off from work and worry when needed.


I have become much more organised.


I have experienced the feeling of fulfilment.


I have rid my mind of many bad thoughts and held on tight to the positive ones.


In the past month, my head has felt a lot clearer. I’ve even slept better at night time, hugged my partner and smiled more!


I really do feel that I have connected with myself and my feelings on a whole new level.


I feel like we all know that typing does not have the same personal experience or effects than what typing does, though we type anyway. I certainly know now (after experimenting with handwriting in the fields of opinion, creativity, positive difference and reflection over the past few weeks) that I would much more prefer to handwrite than type.


Yes, sometimes it is impossible to back away from the keyboard – work commitments, research, emails to friends and family overseas – but I must say that forcing myself to take time out from the screen has been an incredible release (for example, writing a letter to one of my family members during this month really took me back to my childhood and reminded me how personalised everything used to be, it was a great feeling!) Bye bye text messages, hellllooo beautiful writing paper and pens!


According to Deakin University, over 1/3rd of Australian’s rarely write down personal thoughts, notes, ideas, feelings or memories. This actually saddens me a lot as I know that when I was growing up this is all I used to do. And now I contribute to that statistic. But not anymore, not after feeling so alive whilst scribbling away on my Officeworks notepad at the beach, the sun shining on my legs and not anyone or anything to distract my thoughts (laptop at the beach? Another email to reply to? No thank you)!


From now on I will be making a conscious effort to involve myself and others in handwriting, and to so with anything I possibly can. Besides, I can actually feel my eyes going square this morning after replying to emails, uploading a photo on Instagram, booking a flight to Sydney, and typing out this blog post. Time to Log Off, and handwrite!


To continue this journey share your experiences and thoughts via #timetowrite or check out timetowrite.com.au to see how others got involved.