It’s Time to Write with @Officeworks!

02 Sep It’s Time to Write with @Officeworks!

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Do you ever feel like there is something bubbling up, trapped inside of you, wanting to burst out? You can’t stop thinking – mind whirring, heart pounding, thoughts flowing so quickly you just know you have to relieve this feeling?

Sometimes I find I have thoughts or ideas that have me excited and anxious all at once, and that I need to somehow grow them, or share them, or just express my feelings in some way! This is where I think writing proves to be a wonderful thing.

Whether you are the next Jane Austen or Earnest Hemingway, or you are simply a regular gal or guy just wanting to express yourself (yep, that’s me!) I believe Officeworks’ new #timetowrite initiative is just for you. Created by great supporters of all things literature, it strives to help the everyday person release their feelings, thoughts and dreams onto paper to achieve satisfaction for doing so. And did you know that writing with a pen and paper promotes deeper ways of thinking, encouraging larger connections between ones thoughts and content?


A recent research collaboration between Deakin University and Officeworks has uncovered that writing can be seriously positive for one’s wellbeing. In fact, it was extremely clear from the 2000 Australians who participated in the survey that writing by hand has positive benefits, with those who handwrite notes, thoughts, ideas, feelings or memories being 2.5 times more likely to experience relief from anxiety, fear and worry. A greater sense of general life satisfaction was also found among those who handwrite for personal purposes multiple times a day. I genuinely back this 100%.

When I write, I switch off (and trust me, I find it very hard to do so!). Whether I am creating a to-do list for the day, journaling my travels, or expressing how I am feeling at the time, I am feeling amazing for doing so. I feel relief, I feel somehow stronger in that moment and onwards, and I feel that the more I write, the more I tend to find myself during the process..

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Inspired by the research findings, Officeworks has launched Time to Write to educate people on the positive impact that writing by hand has on wellbeing. Officeworks has an important role to play in empowering people with the tools they need to put pen to paper, so it’s hosting weekly challenges, centred around four themes:

  • Week 1 (29 August – 4 September) Opinions: What do you feel strongly about? What is the viewpoint you would like to express?
  • Week 2 (5 September – 11 September) Creative Expression: Write poetry, song lyrics, a piece of fiction, or a letter to a loved one.
  • Week 3 (12 September – 18 September) Positive Difference: Do you have an idea that could benefit the community, or even change the world?
  • Week 4 (19 September – 25 September) Daily Thoughts: Pen your musings, reflections, memories or goals.


Well-known Australians; Kate Langbroek, Taylor Henderson, Daniel Flynn and Bianca Cheah have offered their support and will be sharing their own personal handwritten pieces across the month. Those participating are encouraged to share their handwritten pieces on social media using #timetowrite.

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Officeworks will also be hosting events at business centres, co-working spaces, cafes, wellness centres, public spaces and schools across the country. At each, people will be able to reconnect with the art of handwriting, using the supplied writing products, as well as gather information around the personal benefits of handwriting.

Finally, on Saturday 17th of September the Time to Write challenge will come to life at Officeworks Keswick store! From 10am until 1pm, Mix 102.3 radio street team will be hosting the event which is set to include a free sausage sizzle, writing activities and product giveaways to encourage people to pick up a pen and reconnect with the art of handwriting.

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Over the next month I will be sharing with you guys how I write, when I write, what I write and why I write. I really cannot wait to bring you on this journey with me, and actually look forward to simply journaling all the reasons simply writing with a pen and paper makes me feel that much more intellectually and emotionally content.

I really want to encourage you to join me in doing so, whether you would like to share something small (a daily affirmation, diary entry, some poetry) or go all out (anyone a great story teller?). Be sure to use the hashtag #timetowrite over your social channels so that myself, Officeworks and all other participants can read your creations. I cannot wait to connect with you all through such an inspiring exercise! After all, although it seems much easier to bypass, our wellbeing really should be at the forefront of our existence – so why not use this time to all come together, get motivated, and to wonderfully write away.

To find out more about Time to Write and how you can get involved head to